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Our Story

Tailored Learning Services, LLC is a professional, online language education program (among other services) founded in Orlando, Florida USA. with a passion for helping learners achieve language proficiency. As a child of immigrants, Edenne has watched her parents work in the same position tirelessly, proving their royalty to the same company for over a decade.  With a rigorous work schedule, three children to care for in a foreign country, while barely making minimum wage, there simply was not enough time nor the financial resources to invest in their professional growth.  It is because of the sacrifices of her parents that she now has the privilege to be a teacher, many of her students are adults who are in similar situations as her parents were many years ago.  It has now become her mission to help bridge the gap by helping immigrants like her parents invest in their professional growth while also fulfilling their personal dreams.

We are professional language educators with a
passion for helping learners achieve language proficiency.

Edenne Beljour


Edenne Beljour is an educator with a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification.  Ms. Beljour has almost a decade of teaching experience both in the US and abroad. She is also a certified Medical Interpreter and has worked as an interpreter for many years.  Edenne was born and raised in Haiti, and immigrated with her family to Knoxville, TN as a young child. She has since lived in various parts of the country, including Orlando Florida where she attended the University of Central Florida and obtained a degree in Administration.  While working in Washington, DC, she took a break from her career to volunteering in Peru, teaching English to orphans. What should have been temporary, has turned into her calling.  That experience fueled something in her which she could not ignore.  Her vision is to help create professional growth opportunities and personal fulfillment through language proficiency. TLS is giving her the opportunity to do just that. Her experiences have taught her that teaching grammar and vocabulary alone is simply not enough. It is equally important to inspire, motivate and ignite the necessary confidence in each learner to help them achieve their learning goals. This is what sets her apart, and this is how she will continue to impact the lives of others.
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