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 Business focused courses 

At TLS we know that a culturally diverse workplace is vital for the success of any organization.  We also understand some of the communication challenges it may pose.  Therefore, we have taken the initiative to create a course that is proven to help improve the level of communication of your most valued employees through English proficiency.  Our 10-weeks intensive ESL course is created with a proven methodology that is guaranteed to improve the understanding and communication level of your employees.

“Communication is key to managing an efficient workforce. In a perfect world, each employee would understand your exact meaning and would follow instructions without a hitch. But in reality, you often have to clarify, elaborate or rephrase to ensure comprehension. Being aware of the different types of language barriers in the workplace is one way you facilitate more efficient communication.” Cathy Habas

Courses fitted to your agenda

Our corporate and business classes are designed to meet the needs of organizations in an increasingly demanding global marketplace.

Course schedules:

Courses are offered mornings and evenings in order to accommodate the demanding work schedule of your employees.

Our unique program brings language classes to your office, your employees’ homes or wherever they choose, focusing on the needs of your business and industry. We will teach your employees the communication skills needed to reach new customers and markets, expand existing business lines, and better manage foreign business locations.

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